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Classified AD RATES

Location Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Ahmednagar 236,229 ( Copies)Rs. 190 / 7 Lines Rs. 1800( / sqcm )
Aurangabad 142,065 ( Copies)Rs. 715 / 7 Lines Rs. 400( / sqcm )
Belgaum Rs. 175 / 7 Lines Rs. 115( / sqcm )
Khandesh 10,000 ( Copies)Rs. 242 / 7 Lines Rs. 200( / sqcm )
Kolhapur 218,257 ( Copies)Rs. 632 / 7 Lines Rs. 525( / sqcm )
Mumbai 126,215 ( Copies)Rs. 1135 / 7 Lines Rs. 330( / sqcm )
Nagpur 73,208 ( Copies)Rs. 205 / 7 Lines Rs. 225( / sqcm )
Nashik 101,312 ( Copies)Rs. 455 / 7 Lines Rs. 275( / sqcm )
Pune 604,101 ( Copies)Rs. 1750 / 7 Lines Rs. 700( / sqcm )
Pune 604,101 ( Copies)Rs. 1907 / 7 Lines Rs. 700( / sqcm )
Satara 36,922 ( Copies)Rs. 175 / 7 Lines Rs. 140( / sqcm )
Solapur 30,304 ( Copies)Rs. 235 / 7 Lines Rs. 110( / sqcm )


Frequently Asked Questions

As per your requirement you need to publish a display advertisement in the preferred newspaper. If you intend to publish a legal notice of the size of 10 cm X 8 cm, you need to visit the Sakal Display Ad Rates page. Once you log on to this page, you need to choose the main edition and then choose the location As Mumbai as per your preference to proceed further. Specify the ad size and page preference if any to get the cost for the same. Then you can proceed to compose your ad with the help of online design templates and then confirm the release dates and clear the payment for the same through our online or offline payment mediums.
Thank you for choosing to book your Property ad. Please visit the Sakal Display Ad Booking page. This will display the different sections of the newspaper where you can book your ad. Select the main newspaper broadsheet of Sakal. This will further ask you to choose from the different editions of Sakal where your ad needs to be released. You can either select the individual rates or the special combination packages if there are any. The next step after this will ask you to specify the Size and Position of your ad in the newspaper. Once you’re done making your selection, the page will display you the estimated rates for the ad based on the ad size and position. This cost might vary from the actual cost and depends on the number of lines the ad composes of, designs and enhancements used in the Compose ad step. For further details you can contact us on our telephonic number 09830629298 or e-mail us at or

Booking Process

How are Sakal Classified ads priced?

Sakal Newspaper Classified Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your product or service and make your presence felt in the competitive market out there. Normally marketing your ad in a wide reader base can be an expensive affair but with releaseMyAd’s attractive ad rates and amazing discount packages you get the benefit of Sakal Classifieds’ high circulation at the lowest imaginable expense. The pricing varies as per location, the rate card for which can be viewed if you scroll up this page.

Well if you are thinking of putting up an ad in Sakal classified and you have no clue as to what it may cost, well this is exactly where you can find how you can plan your budget for a classified ad.

Since Sakal is one of  the most widely read and circulated daily marathi newspapers, it is definitely your best option to get the desired response. An ad in classified page depends on varieties of factors such as:

  • Type of ad(classified text or classified display).
  • Locations covered i.e., editions selected.
  • Category under which your ad is put.

The two main kinds of Classified Ads and their cost guideline is given underneath:

  • Classified Text: Classified text ads are simple textual ads that you see in the newspaper column under various heads and subheads. Each Sakal newspaper ad is priced on the number of words in the ad, charged minimum for 7 lines. This means you pay a fixed and non-negotiable amount for any number of words within 7 lines, and thereafter you are charged extra for every single line. However, there are certain ad enhancement options also available in this category, those are charged extra and above the basic charges.
  • Classified Display: Sakal classified rate card for CD or classified display is based on the area that you buy for your ad. You are charged for the total area in sq cm, with a fixed per sq rate. These ads are designed by professionals keeping in view the purpose of the ad.Any picture or logo can be added as well to make your ad look more appealing to the audience.